Creating a hash in Node.js

Introduction We require hashes everywhere, like setting the password in database as hash instead of plain text password, to check whether if file is tampered or not during transmission or checking integrity of file or messages transferred over network, etc. This small article will give detailed look at creating hash from Node.js core crypto module and later in... Continue Reading →

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Change default Git commit message template

We do lot of changes to projects and commit those in git repository and then commit those changes along with proper commit message. While collaborating on bigger project with lot of collaborators working at same time, commit message should be proper and reflect what those changes are. Lot of big projects has standard commit message template... Continue Reading →

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Working with packages in Meteor : Basics

Introduction Meteor is Full stack solution to build real-time apps. It is reactive in nature and amazing technology to work with as it provides all the tools that are required to build amazing real-time apps with developer focus on implementing the business stuff and not the technology plumbing. Early days of Meteor, it does not... Continue Reading →

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