Guide to Meteor Install and Uninstall

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Meteor is full stack solution to build real-time apps and make hybrid mobile apps with integrated Apache Cordova. It has all the way Javascript from client side to server side and to storing data in JSON with MongoDB Server.

Meteor is available on all the platforms, like Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Though to be noted, Windows support is recently added So, some advanced features might not be available.

So, lets get started.


On Linux or Mac OS X

Open up terminal and run the following command-

curl | sh

Above basically downloads the installation script and pipes it to shell, which in turns takes of installation. After successful installation, meteor command will be available in your terminal.

On Windows

For windows users, you will need to download small size executable available here
After downloading, you will get the “InstallMeteor.exe”. Double click on this executable to initiate the installation process.
Now, it will try to download required files first then install Meteor on the local system. It might take some time to install.

Meteor Install

In final step, it will ask for creating/ sign in with Meteor account, this step is optional. Feel free to skip to directly to complete installation.

Now, after successful installation, you will need to restart the system and after that meteor command line tool should be available in your command prompt or power shell.

Check for successful installation

Type following in your terminal or command prompt, to confirm installation-

meteor --version

Above will give the version of Meteor which is being installed. Like as follows(this is version no. is as of writing this)-



For Linux and OS X users, uninstalling Meteor is breeze just remove two files, meteor executable and ~/meteor directory in home directory
It is shown as follows-

sudo rm /usr/local/bin/meteor
rm -rf ~/.meteor

Meanwhile in Windows OS, you can uninstall meteor by going into “Start Menu” > “Program and Features” and find the Meteor from list and double clicking on it to uninstall from system.

If you are curious, to know where installations directory on Windows exists, here is path to it-


Here, [User-name] is name of person who is logged in system.


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